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Posts published by Aida Mebea

Bringing Flavor to the (Lunch) Club Scene

Walking into T2, one is immediately hit with the sight of bloody limbs and clothing. People are hanging from the walls, and the music resembles blood-curdling screams. This is the room where Media Madness, one of the latest additions to WISH Academy’s wide array of lunch clubs, conducts their business, enticing students to purchase their variety of snacks and lunch items. Under the guidance of Ms. KB, WISH Academy’s media arts teacher, and led by club president Mareon Mott, the group aims to foster a space where students from diverse backgrounds can come together to discuss the impact of art and entertainment on society.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

With the unfolding of autumn came one of the year’s most important celebrations of cultural diversity across the United States: Hispanic Heritage Month. Every year, from September 15th to October 15th, this celebration pays tribute to the contributions of Hispanic communities to American society.