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The Scallop: ‘Gatekeeping’ Trend Threatens Biodiversity

A sad otter

Satire—With the recent rise of real animal fur pelts in the high fashion world, it’s not surprising that everyone wants to get in on the trend. Initially, arbiters of high fashion began with simple, locally sourced pelts for their jackets—but soon, the trend spread to the masses. This sparked the rise in demand for rarer animal fur pelts, and fashion connoisseurs turned to endangered species such as leopards, orangutans, and even elephant skins to regain their fashion exclusivity. But as imitators begin to catch on, the response from high society is clear: remove all endangered species. Thousands of rich gatekeepers began to fund poaching expeditions, and many began taking to the jungle themselves on the hunt. The fight for exclusivity remains ever tumultuous—and the endangered species list is expected to be fully cleared by 2030.

~ Duncan Rampen

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