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Ranked: Top 5 School Lunch Options at WISH


1. Pizza –It sometimes depends on the brand but more often than not there is a huge line of people waiting for a slice every time due to the fact that it’s a Friday-only thing.

2. Burrito –It’s very hard to mess up a burrito, so that makes it easier to be considered one of the better items.

3. Chicken and Waffles –The waffles are ok. They’re fine. The chicken is undoubtedly the better half of the pair, and retains it’s heat even after however long they save school lunches here.

4. Grilled Cheese –Surprisingly high quality, despite how sketchy the idea of a sandwich wrapped in plastic heating well seems.

5. Teriyaki Chicken and Rice with Carrots –Very good for a school lunch, and all the components mix together nicely.

~ Dante Gutrecht, Opinion

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