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Bringing Flavor to the (Lunch) Club Scene

Anthony Baca speaks with a student while staffing Media Madness’s student store in T2

WISH Academy—Walking into T2, one is immediately hit with the sight of bloody limbs and clothing. People are hanging from the walls, and the music resembles blood-curdling screams. This is the room where Media Madness, one of the latest additions to WISH Academy’s wide array of lunch clubs, conducts their business, enticing students to purchase their variety of snacks and lunch items. Under the guidance of Ms. KB, WISH Academy’s media arts teacher, and led by club president Mareon Mott, the group aims to foster a space where students from diverse backgrounds can come together to discuss the impact of art and entertainment on society. With a focus on inclusivity, Mott emphasizes the club’s welcoming atmosphere, where everyone is encouraged to express themselves freely. “I received an inclusivity award because who doesn’t want to be in a club where you feel welcomed. I don’t feel against any kind of race, identity, or gender, I like when people come together just to be themselves.”

Every day, club member Anthony Baca runs Media Madness’s very successful student store, a major initiative driving the club. The store not only provides snacks for hungry students but also supports arts programs at WISH. Proceeds from the store are reinvested into the club, fund educational outings and purchase supplies. Baca explains, “We use the money to educate members of our club; we mostly go on field trips. The store helps to pay for education, the club is kind of small now but I can’t wait to see what we are going to do next. Supplies also are purchased to actually sell, free hot chocolate is provided for students during the winter and much more!” The club also entices the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Baca sees this venture as valuable business experience for his future endeavors and notes the importance of understanding customer preferences and market dynamics.

A poster taped to the T2 door explains that Media Madness’s student store is closed for the day due to a film project.

Despite competition from the nearby WESM student store, Media Madness remains resilient, offering a unique selection of snacks favored by the student body. Cup noodles, mac n cheese, and pop tarts are among the top picks, attracting a loyal customer base. As Kylie, a sophomore purchasing chips, explained, “The Media Madness student store has more affordable prices than the WESM store. It’s also more accessible than the WESM store because there are shorter lines. Another big plus is the cup of noodles that Media Madness sells that WESM lacks.” Students can support this club by buying snacks from them when they feel peckish everyday during nutrition and lunch in T2. Looking ahead, club president Mareon Mott wants to expand the club’s reach, with plans for more elaborate fundraisers and improved advertising under future leadership next year.

~ Aida Mebea

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