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What is The Aviary?

Members of the Newspaper Club fold copies of an issue for distribution
Members of the Newspaper Club fold copies of an issue for distribution in 2022; photo courtesy of Peyton Carroll-Montjoy

WISH Academy – Welcome to The Aviary, WISH Academy’s by-students, for-students newspaper. We founded this newspaper in order to strengthen the WISH community by providing transparency, and elevating students’ voices. Throughout the year, we aim to provide students with informative, non-biased coverage of the school and the wider community, from events and activities to school-wide debates and policy issues. The Aviary will also include a variety of engaging and entertaining features including crossword puzzles, satire pieces, opinion articles, comic strips, and more. We hope to provide an entertaining and educational resource that will foster a love for journalism for generations of WISH students.

In our lunch club, we will provide an opportunity for students to participate in a collaborative effort to report, write, edit, and produce this quarterly newspaper. Interested students will work with a supportive team to pitch creative ideas, uncover the facts, and communicate effectively.Currently,  The Aviary is made up of writers Nicholas Steinman, Aida Mebea, Molleigh Draxton, Dante Gutrecht, and Nathan Valdivia, editor Gabriel Koppula, and comic strip artists Janaya Kemp and Xander Youngness. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Co-Editors-in-Chief, Emma Petersen and Hannah Benveniste. The Aviary is looking for more writers, editors, artists, and photographers.  If you want to join the newspaper, you can contact our Advisor, Ms. Avalos (, or Co-Editors-in-Chief Hannah ( and Emma ( You can also stop by our club meetings at lunch  on Wednesdays in D11. If want to see you voice reflected without joining the club, you can email Hannah, Emma or Ms. Avalos with proposals, concerns, or even entirely written articles.

There would be no Newspaper without readers, so thank you.

~ Hannah Benveniste

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